How to Attract the Press


Former TV news reporters with decades of experience share their secrets on how to get your message in the spotlight!



The world is full of stories. The key is making your story the one that stands out!

This course will tell you exactly how to convince the media to choose your story over countless others, even if it’s not the biggest news of the day. Two former television journalists share inside secrets so you know exactly how to get your message on-air, online and shown in your best light. You will discover how a newsroom works, what reporters are looking for, how to write a click-worthy news release, what you need to do to prepare yourself and turn your interview location into a reporter’s dream. The tips and tricks shared here could even have the media coming to you first for future stories.

Who this course is for:

  • Any individual or organization with an idea that they want to send out to the masses

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the workings of a newsroom and how to make your story fit in
  • Hear from our colleagues across North America; experienced news reporters, assignment editors and news directors
  • Create an environment that excites reporters
  • Learn all the dos and don’ts when talking to the press
  • Learn how and when to contact a newsroom or media outlet
  • Learn how to write a captivating press release and see examples of ones that work
  • Deliver your message perfectly and get maximum exposure
  • Learn the best way to follow-up and keep yourself in the media databank


  • Just a willingness to gain exposure!

This course includes:

  • 40 mins on-demand video
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV

5 Star Rating

“This certainly exceeded our expectations! Myself and two of my colleagues just finished the 40 minutes of videos and have written several pages of notes because there’s a lot of information in this course we haven’t heard anywhere else. We’re very impressed with what we’ve learned and can’t wait to apply it. (Launching a new non-profit next month.) You can tell they put a lot of thought into this course and their delivery is excellent and easy to watch;) Very impressed.”
Taylor Griffin

“Through following the news media more closely during this crazy year I’ve noticed how reporters tend to interview the same individuals within an industry or service and how valuable that news coverage can be as free publicity. This course has given me invaluable tools and insights in how to become that kind of a contact to promote my business through the news media. The presenters were very personable and engaging and I can’t wait to see what their next course will be!”
Barb Westcott

“This course is clear and to the point. Some courses go on and on with extraneous detail that isn’t relevant, but this one doesn’t. Great gems of here when trying to attract the media!”
Michael Florizone

“This is an excellent course for any organization not familiar with how the media works. It provides all the information you need to create your story, prepare for the interview and deliver a story the media, and their audiences, will love! Great job Tara and Jennifer!”
Leanne Nyirfa

“As someone outside the media field, I found this course very informative. I am looking to increase the public profile of my business and this course not only provided a lot of helpful information, it has given me the confidence to begin the process.”
Sarah Brown

“I certainly learned the nuances of media presentation. Tara and Jennifer were great examples of ones with experience and the way they present themselves as media people. In order to promote an idea or product in todays business milieu, one has to have the knowledge and skills to get one’s idea noticed through the visual media..
This course certainly delivers the tools necessary in preparing a presentation that will stand out from a sea of competing projects. I will definitely recommend this course to my business community.”
Les Sicherman

“This course is very different from the rest as it includes everything you need to know. It’s professional but still fun to watch.”
Andrea Anderson

“This course was professional, on-point and chock full of practical guidance for attracting the press – and preparing and delivering a message to support your organization. As an executive at a national organizational, I will use this learning to support raising the profile of the organization I work for in a positive and media-informed manner. The presenters were very experienced and engaging and the learning was structured to be easily delivered and digested by busy professionals. Great course, great tools and great value for anyone who works in this area, or should be doing more and better to manage media relations! Highly recommend.”

“Great course! I would have like to have handouts as it was so much good information provided.”
Cherry Lawson